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This is my favorite BH6 design because everything is well protected and symmetrical. Symmetrical designs are my favorite because every building is equally protected.


Starting off with the builder which directly placed in the center of the design which makes it harder for the enemies to get that second star.

With the mortar also located in the middle of the base just above the builder hall, as we know it has a huge target radius which could potentially protect the whole base design. if enemies do somehow get into the center of the base from the west side and the east side they will come up against a crusher which as we know is probably the most powerful defense in clash of clans.

We have 3 Air "defense buildings" which are the 2 air defenses themselves and the air bombs. These are located in triangle which helps a lot as it will make it harder for the enemy air troops due to the fact there isn't any open space for the air troops to attack in.

The traps are well placed around the base.

The single target defenses are located all around the base to make sure every corner of the base is well protected.

The level 6 archers are also located in a triangle to protect all sides of the base equally.

The Hidden Tesla Is located at the bottom of the base if enemies do try to approach the builder hall from the bottom it will come up against 2 cannons, defense hut and the Tesla.

Storage are placed on the outer layer of the base as they have huge amounts of hit points which could distract the troops and allow my defenses to wipe them out.

Overall i have gained around 2500 trophies using this base design and please let me know how well you do.

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