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TH10 TROPHY BASE (09/07/2020)

Town Hall

As you can see the town hall is located in the center of the base design surrounded by many walls and defenses. This will make it harder for the enemies to get the second star and give your base a solid defensive structure.


On a TH10 you get given 4 mortars. I do recommend putting these mortars in the core of the base design as they have a huge target radius and can cover almost all of the base design. They also protect the interior defenses and exterior buildings.

Air Defense

On a TH10 you also get given 4 Air Defenses which again i recommend putting it in the core of the base design as it will make it harder for enemies with air troops to really push in the base and destroy the other buildings. I have placed them in a triangular shape so when enemies do attack with air troops they will definitely come up against a AD.

Wizard Tower & Bomb Tower

I have placed the wizard towers in their own compartments of the base design to balance out the defensive structure. Also enemies tend to attack with mass troops all at once and with the wizard tower having a splash damaging effect as well as the bomb tower it could really affect attackers with hog riders, giants ,wizards and valks.

Hidden Teslas

You get given 4 hidden teslas on a th10 and i have also placed them together to balance out the defensive structure. Also when enemies attack from the top art of the base, they will guarantee face a Tesla which as we know melts a pekka.

Air Sweeper

As you can see the Air Defenses are placed in a triangle shape in the base design which means i recommend putting the air sweeper facing South West and North East as it would force enemies to attack away from the sweeper in which they will come up against 3 Air Defenses.


Cannons are very similar to archer towers but only attack ground troops. i have placed them on the outer layer as they don't inflict much damage against troops that have a huge amount of health such as golems, giants and Valkyries. The barbarian king i like to think of as the 6th canon as it only targets single troops.

Archer Tower

You get given 7 archer towers so i placed them separately around the base to balance the defensive power of the base design and archer towers are single targeting defenses which could target air and ground troops. This will help the air defenses massively.


You are given 2 heroes on a th10 and i have just scattered them around the base design to give the defense a balanced structure.


Storages are key when pushing because because they have huge amounts of hit points. In this case i have placed 6 storages on the outer layer and 3 in the core to save some loot. Ground troops that attack any buildings will get locked onto the storages first after they have destroyed the outside buildings. This will give my defenses enough time to get rid of them. If you want to save dark elixir put it in the middle of the base


On a th10 you get given 3 xbows in which i have put 1 on ground and 2 on air and ground. i have spaced them around the base equally to give the base design the balanced defense.

Inferno Tower

I have placed the inferno tower in the core of the base design because if enemies to get deeper in the base design the inferno tower will be their to help out the defensive structure of this base design.

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