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I hope you enjoyed this post and from now i will add detailed analysis of the base.

Town Hall

As you can see i have placed the town hall in the center of the base design to avoid and make it harder for the enemies to get that second star. Town Halls in the center tend to be skipped by enemies when pushing.

Air Defense

I have placed all 4 air defense around the town hall almost in the core of the base design making it harder for the air troops to penetrate base. All sides of the base is well protected by the air defenses.


Like the air defenses, i have placed the mortars all around the core of the base design to protect in the interior buildings from the enemy troops. Mortars have a huge target radius which allows it to target troops outside the walls.


On a Town Hall 9 you get give 2 Xbows and as we know Xbows have a huge target radius when set on ground. to make the maximum impact and damage i have placed one Xbow on ground and one on air to balance out the structure of the base.

Air Sweepers

We also get given 2 air sweepers which are placed on the opposite sides of the base design to balance the defensive structure. we have one air sweeper facing NORTH EAST and one facing SOUTH WEST.

Wizard & Bomb Tower

The 4 wizards are placed equally around the base design in their own compartment to maximize defense power.

We have the Bomb Tower on the left hand side of the base as we have a spare cannon placed on the right hand side.

Archer Tower

As we know archer towers are single target defenses and do not create much damage against superior troops like Golems and Pekkas so i have placed these at the outer layer of the base


Likewise with the Archer towers but the only difference is cannons target ground troops only. I recommend having 4 single cannons and 1 double cannons.


We get 4 Teslas on a Town Hall 9 so i have placed 2 Teslas together on the opposite side of the base in their own compartment. Two Teslas Together would eliminate a Pekka instantly.


Lastly and most importantly when trophy pushing you should always have storage's placed on the outer layer of the base design as they have so much hit points which could distract enemy troops and allow your defenses to elimate the enemy troops quickly.

This Is The End Of The Base Analysis

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