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This is my favorite th9 base design because well look at its amazing shape. this almost a perfect circle of a base design. look at the analysis below to find out why this base design is amazing.


Starting off with the town hall which is directly placed in the center of the design which makes it harder for the enemies to get that second star.

In the second core of the base we have air defenses perfectly spaced out around core of the base design.

Next to the air defenses we have 4 hidden Tesla's just in case if loons,dragons or lava hound get near the AD the Tesla will be there to increase fire rate.

The traps are placed in the second cor and the last core equally around the base.

We have the xbows placed on the left hand side of the base as we have the clan castle and archer queen on the right hand side. Quick tip remember to have cc troops in your clan castle at all times when offline.

the storage's are scattered around the second core of the base just in case enemies do enter the second core due to storage's having loads of hit points.

The mortar which have a huge target radius are placed equally around the last core of the base so they can cover the whole design.

cannons and archer are mainly placed in the last core of the base as they are single targeting defenses .

Like the mortar the 4 wizard towers are placed around the last core equally.

the single bomb tower is placed right next to the archer towers on the right hand side of the base.

Overall i have gained around 1000 trophies using this base design in terms of defense and please let me know how well you do.

For the base link go to ~> Bases~> click the th9 button

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